About us

Their music has an unmistakable style; their tracks make a strong emotional impact and overwhelming thanks to the instrumental power. Their undertones range from Metal to the most trasgressive Rock with melodic, classic and electronic elements. Besides that there is the originality of the multilingual lyrics and the punchy and exhilarating voice. And thanks to the singer Marie Bassou, who is German with Italian origins, songs can be composed both in German and in English.
Both authors and arrangers, Jadish are busy with a feverish live activity and during that they pipes their passionate and powerful music throughout Italy and Europe, conveying their travel in a world where sounds scratch and leave a mark and where voice makes room impressively. But in the same time it’s sweet with a dynamic sound without frills, which strikes right to the heart of listeners. Jadish’s lives are highly involving, in which immobility is banned under and on the stage.